Alex Kelly, Chairman & CEO Veeker Corporation
“In seeking funding for our startup we met with a lot of VCs.  Labrador stood out as bright, enthusiastic risk takers.  They knew the market and got our vision instantly.  They quickly understood what could be learned in diligence and what could only be known through experimentation.  Together with another VC, they skillfully crafted a financing which gave us the best chance of succeeding and proving our value proposition.  Larry has been a mentor and friend.  His experience, insights and contacts have been invaluable to me and Veeker”

Lauren Doliva, Ph.D., Partner, Heidrick & Struggles
"I have known Larry and the Labrador team for at least 7 years. My experience has been that they are thoughtful and insightful investors who  provide expert counsel and add significant value to their portfolio companies and the founders with whom they have worked. This has been confirmed by the unsolicited feedback from both founders and the executives we have placed who praise these exceptional attributes."

Valerie Wilson, CFO & VP of Development MeeVee
“Larry was active in recruiting me to join MeeVee.  In the recruiting process, it was clear he was intimately involved with the Company and had a thorough understanding of the market.  He did a fine job of articulating where the Company was at the time as well as offering an honest assessment of the opportunities and challenges ahead.  Since joining MeeVee, I have witnessed Larry's weekly (if not daily) active engagement with the management team.  While he is often tough and challenging, he is consistently supportive and respectful of the team's feelings and opinions.  Larry and Labrador's involvement is one of the reasons I joined MeeVee and I have not been disappointed.”

Nancy Pfund, Managing Director, JP Morgan's Bay Area Equity Fund
“I have known Larry for a number of years and have finally had the opportunity to co-invest and collaborate with him on MeeVee.  As both an investor and as a board member, Larry clearly adds value.  His comments are incisive and heard by those around the table.  His work on recruiting, CEO mentoring, strategy, the business model and partnerships have made a difference.  I enthusiastically look forward to our next collaboration”

Dan Rubin, CEO Integrated Materials
Labrador invested in a company with great technology and products.  Sean identified early that IMI had reached a point in its evolution where focus on operational maturity and market facing emphasis to drive volume revenue would become central to success.  He worked hard to bring me into the company and I’m delighted to be leading the IMI team towards this growth and success.  Certainly one reason for joining, has been having Sean’s leadership and intellect on the board and having Labrador as an investor”

Brian Steel, Chairman at Pandora Media International, Former President, International at Yahoo! Search Marketing, Former Managing Director at Idealab, Former President & COO at On Command Corporation
“I have had the pleasure of serving on two boards of directors (Pandora and Mee Vee) with Larry and have found him to be an unusually engaged and thoughtful board member. Larry is very involved with his companies and is always present with valuable insight, opinions, and guidance...yet while never becoming instrusive or distracting to the management team.”

Art Chait, CEO EoPlex Technologies
" Labrador is an excellent investor for any early stage company. They are actively engaged and know how to focus on priority issues while avoiding unnecessary work for the company. They add real value far beyond financial backing and their network and contacts are outstanding - they even identified the lead investor for our next round."

Charles Beeler, El Dorado
"Sean and I have known each other for 8 years and we have served together on the board of  He is smart, focused and a hard worker.  He brings boundless energy and great ideas to his companies."

Charles Moldow, Foundation Capital
“Stuart was a great guy to have on the Board when the going got tough.  He brokered the sale of the company to a Fortune 500 company.  The politics and the interpersonal dynamics were complex and Stuart handled them with sensitivity and creativity, resulting in a happy ending for all.  I’d choose Stuart and Labrador as part of any investor syndicate – they are the real thing!”

Joe Kennedy, CEO Pandora Media
“Larry is a great contributor on the board at Pandora. It is not unusual that I get a 6:30AM email from Larry with a new piece of relevant market intelligence. Larry has been a valuable resource in helping us think through personnel, compensation, strategic and financing issues. It’s clear to me that the Labrador team has been around the block and they know what they are doing. They have been incredibly helpful and supportive.”

Bob Kavner, Chairman of the board Earthlink, Former Chairman of the Board Overture, Former President Idealab Silicon Valley
“Larry is very bright, constructively supports his CEO, is well balanced in pursuing strategic goals and financial accountability, and is very dependable. VCs often have some of these attributes, but few have what Larry has--all of them.”

Ed Cluss, President & CEO NextHop
“NextHop is the third Labrador company of which I have been a CEO. I have found the Labrador partners to always be supportive and fully engaged. Stuart has been their representative for both InfoGear (sold to Cisco) and now NextHop. His board level contributions have always been helpful and on target. Most importantly, Stuart is the kind of investor who you can really trust as a business ally; an open communicator who wants to help you win.”

Robert Parker, Parker Price Venture Capital
“I have been involved at the board level with both Larry and Stuart in three companies. They are both experienced and highly effective VCs. I especially appreciate Larry's integrity and willingness to dig in when things are not going well. It is easy to work together in good times, but you learn the true mettle of your co-investors in crisis situations. I'd be happy to have Labrador as a co-investor anytime.”

Bill Draper, Draper Richards
“I have known Labrador Ventures for over 10 years and I do not know a more ethical, diligent and compatible firm. We have invested together in several companies and found them to be great partners in good times and bad.”

Michael Raneri, CEO MeeVee
“Labrador’s investment brought much more to the table than a cash infusion. They took the time to figure out our company, our market, and what was needed to be successful. Then skillfully structured the financing to meet those needs. As a board member, Larry is engaged and helpful and always available when I need him. His contacts, experience, and thinking have been very helpful to MeeVee.”

Larry Marcus, Walden VC
“I like working with Larry and Labrador because they are great partners. Larry is responsive, a pleasure to work with and deeply experienced. He brings a clear point of view and flexibility to the table. He never drops the ball and adds lots of value. I think of them for sharing deals often and would be thrilled to team up with them on a third investment. Our collaboration has been smooth and productive including working on two early stage digital media deals together. We've had great success in creating structure, recruiting and growing the business together.”

Reza Ahy, Ph.D, CEO and Chairman Aperto Networks
“Even though Labrador is not the largest investor in Aperto, Larry & Sean have been consistently and deeply engaged and supportive. At this stage of our development as we work towards an IPO, their insights and ideas for our quest to sharpen our success, are even more important and appreciated. Larry and Sean have been real contributors over the past four years, as we have been growing into a global leader in WiMax. I am glad to have them as investors in Aperto.”

Deepak Kamra, Canaan Partners
“I have worked with both Larry and Sean at the board level. Besides being great guys, they clearly get engaged with their companies. Their perspectives are on the mark and are often thought and action provoking. They have been consistent allies and supportive co-investors in helping Aperto navigate to a leadership position in the rapidly emerging WiMAX space.”

Ginger Thomson, CEO Youthnoise, Former CEO DoughNET
“I have known Larry for more than 8 years -- originally when I was the CEO of a Labrador-Mayfield backed startup.  Larry has an exceptional ability to sort through the noise and hone in on the signal of what is important.  More than quickly figuring out the right answer, he has the people skills to communicate and lead others to his point of view.  He is a tremendous value to any early stage CEO.  Whenever the opportunity arises, I offer without hesitation: 'Listen to Larry, he knows what he is talking about.”

Mario Rosati, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
“I have found Labrador Ventures in general and Stuart Davidson in particular to be thoughtful, responsive and most helpful in working with and investing in our clients over the past number of years. Well done!”

Drew Hoffman, Former CEO GreenBorder
“Labrador, Sevin Rosen and TPG Ventures were on my board at GreenBorder Technologies. Sean and Larry worked hard to help with strategic product and go-to-market issues . Their experience and insight along the way was welcomed and essential. It is great to have an investor with 17 years of experience in the challenges that confront early stage companies.”

Ashok Jain, Co-founder NexGen Microsystems, Former Founder CEO Internet Devices, Founder CEO Intruguard
“I have worked with Labrador on a number of deals both as an entrepreneur and as an angel investor. I trust and respect them. Larry has been a valuable sounding board for me and after debate and discussion we usually see eye to eye. We now have a lot of history together. They are leaders in the startup IT space.”

Warren Packard, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
“Labrador Ventures is a long time friend of DFJ. The Labrador team consistently invests in exciting business opportunities, and whenever one of their deals is looking for a round of financing, we always take a long, hard look.”

Michael Cerda, CEO jangl
“The partners at Labrador are a good blend to have on your team. Stuart helps watch for what ‘could’ go wrong, Larry helps with consumer sensibility, and Sean makes sure there are results somewhere along the way. These are all helpful attributes to have rallied around a startup.”

Alexei Andreev, Executive VP and Managing Director, Harris & Harris Group
“Sean Foote is a very hands-on, detail-oriented investor. He is a great asset to the Board, especially when a start-up is facing many strategic uncertainties. Sean knows how to work successfully with a broad range of entrepreneurs and how to keep portfolio companies on the right [execution] track.”

Aaron Gershenberg, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Bank
“Silicon Valley Bank has had a relationship with Labrador and Labrador portfolio companies spanning more than 10 years. When I encounter an information technology company seeking an early series A financing, I think of Labrador. They are an experienced and steady hand in what can be a turbulent market.”

John Walsh, President Del Mar Database
“Ian is not only a financial partner but also a great strategy partner with valuable insight into the challenges surrounding growth stage companies. Ian has a strong reputation among entrepreneurs for being both active in our arena and accessible. He supported us every step of the way but also provided a sound source of challenging viewpoints.”

Nickoletta Swank, CEO/President iPrint Systems
“Ian’s business judgment, experience, and accessibility are invaluable resources to our company. He provides strategic insight for our business, yet balances that with a keen understanding of the day-to-day challenges in a start-up environment.”

Jerome Engel, Professor, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
“I’ve been teaching with Sean for 5 years. He is a valuable member of our UC Berkeley community. As my co-instructor in Venture Capital & Private Equity, one of the most popular electives in the Haas School of Businesses MBA program, Sean’s thoughtful, knowledgeable guidance and mentorship of our students makes a large and valuable contribution.”